July 13, 2009

My First Equipment Purchase – Olympus 1200 Portable

Here is a picture I dug up of my very first equipment purchase…

I ended up purchasing an Hydroforce Olmypus 1200 “portable” (movable cleaning units that create water pressure and suction used in cleaning tile or carpet are known as “portables” – the big green machine in the picture)

A Turbo Force – Turbo Hybrid high pressure tile cleaning tool (the stainless steel and blue tool) and assorted variety of accessories.

I should take a comparison picture of what this stuff looks like NOW because it doesn’t look so shiny… =)

olympus 1200 portable extractor

Also – here are some close ups of the turbo hybrid (or “turbo” as we call them).

turbo force turbo hybrid

turbo force turbo hybrid

Notice how the nozzles are angled so the water pressure causes them to spin… also the white border surrounding the edge (the part with the holes/slots in them) is the vacuum port area where all the water gets sucked up at.

turbo hybrid vacuum ports

Hopefully that gives some visual aid to those people out there who are not yet familiar with exactly what the “turbo” type tools do and how they work.

I also added a steam cleaner to the mix later on. I don’t use it very much but it does have it’s uses.

One response to “My First Equipment Purchase – Olympus 1200 Portable”

  1. Drew says:

    I’m looking at a portable as an entry-level machine for the business. Is it OK to start out with a portable like a Torrent TMT 1200, or will it limit what I can do? Thanks.

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