July 11, 2009

Marketing = Never Give Up – Never Surrender!

Here is an article my local Money Mailer sales rep sent me.

(Money Mailer is a company that sends out postcard like “card decks” in the mail. They sell advertising spots in their card deck that go out to “high end homes” – so they say)

Money Mailer Card Deck Mailing

Money Mailer Card Deck Mailing

The article in question is a very accurate concept but what it lacks is exactly what TYPE of marketing and the MESSAGE within the marketing piece.

It’s all well and good to say marketing, marketing, marketing… but no focus on it’s effectiveness is folly.

The message, whether it resonates with it’s recipient and causes them to take action is the real question…

More ineffective marketing is not the answer – especially in these lean economic times…

More on that later but here she is:


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