July 14, 2009

How To Repair Cracked Grout

Here is a little guide I made on repairing SMALL areas of cracked grout…

Sanded Caulking: a type of caulking (caulking is a rubbery sealant used to seal all the corners and joints in a shower) which has sand added to match the appearance of sanded grout (the grout usually used on tile floors).

This is especially useful when the grout cracked as a result of slight movement or a settling crack when the grout is likely to crack again.

This is not a good solution for large areas but it is a helpful trick around door thresholds and also if you have a very small hole to fill after you do a cleaning job.

The area in question:

grout missing

Close up:

close grout missing

Sanded caulking and sponge being used:

far sanded caulking

Available at Lowes and Home Depot:

sanded caulking

After sanded caulking:

sanded caulking after

After floor has been color sealed to match:

color seal after

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