July 09, 2009

Grout Color Sealing Video – Color Sealing a Shower

Hey Guys,

This video shows a guy from GroutShields.com showing how his color sealer product works.

Basic a grout “color sealer” is a type of epoxy-ish product (their chemical make-up can vary but you get the point) which fills in the pores of the grout and covers it.

Grout Color Stains/Color Sealers (called by different names) are pretty much the best type of sealer you can get for grout because they are considered “semi-permanent” and difficult to remove.

They are more time consuming to apply than regular “clear sealers” but are worth the effort in my opinion.

I don’t particularly endorse Grout Shields as I’ve never used their product but the video is helpful…

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