July 14, 2009

How To Repair Cracked Grout

Here is a little guide I made on repairing SMALL areas of cracked grout…

Sanded Caulking: a type of caulking (caulking is a rubbery sealant used to seal all the corners and joints in a shower) which has sand added to match the appearance of sanded grout (the grout usually used on tile floors).

This is especially useful when the grout cracked as a result of slight movement or a settling crack when the grout is likely to crack again.

This is not a good solution for large areas but it is a helpful trick around door thresholds and also if you have a very small hole to fill after you do a cleaning job.

The area in question:

grout missing

Close up:

close grout missing

Sanded caulking and sponge being used:

far sanded caulking

Available at Lowes and Home Depot:

sanded caulking

After sanded caulking:

sanded caulking after

After floor has been color sealed to match:

color seal after

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July 12, 2009

I Hate Color Sealing WHITE Grout – But It Sure Looks GOOD

For those still new to the grout cleaning game:

Grout Color Sealing: Using an epoxy based or similar type of product to fill the pores and surface of a grout line to change the color and seal grout lines – a “semi-permanent” process

Here is a job I did where the customer wanted white grout. Actually it was pure white originally… the truth of the matter is that you can never get it 100% pure-pure white unless you use a color sealer.

Even then it’s best to add just a slight touch of “off whiteness” to the batch.

Pure white is a BAD because even the slightest non-whiteness from below shows through and gives you hard to cover-up inconsistencies.

Whether you can see or not… I did add a tint (a tiny bit) to the “Bright White” colorant to make it a bit off white.

The customer didn’t notice and it turned out great!





Here is a during photo for comparison:



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July 09, 2009

Grout Color Sealing Video – Color Sealing a Shower

Hey Guys,

This video shows a guy from GroutShields.com showing how his color sealer product works.

Basic a grout “color sealer” is a type of epoxy-ish product (their chemical make-up can vary but you get the point) which fills in the pores of the grout and covers it.

Grout Color Stains/Color Sealers (called by different names) are pretty much the best type of sealer you can get for grout because they are considered “semi-permanent” and difficult to remove.

They are more time consuming to apply than regular “clear sealers” but are worth the effort in my opinion.

I don’t particularly endorse Grout Shields as I’ve never used their product but the video is helpful…

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February 17, 2008

Cleaning and Color Sealing Step by Step

Here some pictures of the progression of the dirty – clean – color seal.


grout cleaning and color sealing


half way through colro sealing

Color Sealed:

cleaning and color sealing

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February 17, 2008

Grout Color Sealing Job From This Week

Here is a quick 250 sq foot clean and color seal we did this week.


before picture of a grout color sealing


grout job cleaning iaf this old grout color sealing feing regrouting tool


after picture of color ealing restoraiton job in high pressure olyupmus 1200

Job was complete in a few hours.

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February 04, 2008

Finding the “perfect” color

I usually carry the Grout Perfect Color Kit which contains 12 colors but the customer was looking for something outside of the range of what I had. It took quite a bit of experimentation and trial and error to find the color she was finally looking for but only after concocting a hybrid color abomination sourced from 3 different grout manufacturers was I able to get it perfect.

Grout Color Sealing Choices
I was also able to use up a lot of the half empty bottles I’ve been carrying around in my truck for over a year 😉
Can anyone identifty the 3 different grout color manufacturers I used here?

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