July 13, 2009

Professional Logo Design Options

Here are the design options I had when I originally was starting my company… I dug them up and thought they might be of interest to ya…

Option 1:

logo options1

Option 2:

logo options2

And here is what I finally choose:

final logo

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July 11, 2009

Marketing = Never Give Up – Never Surrender!

Here is an article my local Money Mailer sales rep sent me.

(Money Mailer is a company that sends out postcard like “card decks” in the mail. They sell advertising spots in their card deck that go out to “high end homes” – so they say)

Money Mailer Card Deck Mailing

Money Mailer Card Deck Mailing

The article in question is a very accurate concept but what it lacks is exactly what TYPE of marketing and the MESSAGE within the marketing piece.

It’s all well and good to say marketing, marketing, marketing… but no focus on it’s effectiveness is folly.

The message, whether it resonates with it’s recipient and causes them to take action is the real question…

More ineffective marketing is not the answer – especially in these lean economic times…

More on that later but here she is:


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July 09, 2009

Tile Replacement & Repair is Easy????

This video has numerous flaws but it does has a couple good points.

The little trick on using a straight edge and a glass cutter + pencil is handy.

The lady with the hammer and chisel is a bit crazy…they didn’t even take the grout out!

I like how they just skip all the actual tough work and fast forward to a perfectly flat square ready for re-installation – ha!

Ahh well… here she is:

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November 02, 2008

Grout Cleaning Business – Free Online Training Class

I’m in the process of putting together an extensive training class for people out there starting their own tile and grout cleaning business.

I’ve had a lot of fun training people down here in Tampa:

But it can be cost prohibitive for some of my students to fly across the country + hotel + airfare and time away from work, to attend my training class. But alas, there is an answer!

An extensive, soup to nuts training course that will give someone everything they need to know to be up and running (avoiding all the fun mistakes like I made). Including video and audio training so they can actually see it being done.

I’m putting together the materials now. The first thing that I’m doing is conducting a seminar for the first segment titled: “10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT STARTING A TILE AND GROUT CLEANING BUSINESS”. The material covered in that webinar will be the top 10 frequently asked questions. Fill out the survey and I’ll notify you as soon a date is scheduled for the webinar.


Please leave a comment if you have any other questions!


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February 09, 2008

When to say “no” – Regrouts and Repair + Real Estate Agents and House Flippers

Here is a job I was sent to estimate from a real estate investor. He wanted me to “clean it up”.

This also reminds why I stopped chasing real estate investors and flippers. Early on I figured these guys might have a lot of work available because of all the renovations they were doing.
What I found is that there are exceptions but generally land lords and people trying to flip houses for a profit are happy if it looks good but obviously aren’t in it for the long term and really attempt to hammer you on price. Perhaps this is an obvious statement but it’s worth mentioning.
shower pan leaking through wall
This shower pan was way too far gone. The smell was terrible, the water had completely rotted away the baseboards and was leaking though the other side of the wall where the closet was. The carpet was actually totally wet in the closet.

shower leaking
I told the guy the truth – there was an obvious concern for mildew and mold growth behind the wall and it was way behind any sort of “patch job” he was looking for and that he should call a mold remediation company to take a look at.

leaking water throught he shower walls
I have found house “flippers” to be the worst and real estate agents to be just slightly better. I’ve gotten decent jobs from realtors, have solicited them in the past but they are certainly not the low hanging fruit type of customers.

Here is an interesting read over at Contractor Talk about a contractor dealing with a house “flipper”:

Title: Is this typical for dealing with “Flippers”

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February 04, 2008

How Not to Advertise Your Cleaning Business

I saw this the other day and I just HAD to snap a camera phone picture of it – a little blurry but you get the point:

Free Cell phone with grout cleaning
The real question is: what type of cell phone do you get?

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